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Let us transform your business to meet your current and future challenges 

We are not sector, size or location specific – we have delivered change to companies ranging from businesses with £123 billion annual turnover through to FTSE 250 companies and sole trader operations

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“If you need to get anything done around here, give it to Jimmy Garnier’s team”

“I have spent 2 years trying to get my business to deliver what I want, then you come along and it is all done within 3 months. How are you so different?”

“I could not have done my job without your help”

“Jimmy was brought in to provide a deep dive analysis of our enterprise at a critical time with recommendations for action that would create value. He was one of the quickest reads I have ever met and quickly discerned the fine detail of our business and its environment leading to solid recommendations for improvements that created real worth for the owners of the company. Jimmy was tireless, creative and logical, a most unusual and powerful combination of attributes and a real pleasure to work with."

Executive Interim 
We have over forty years' change management experience across multiple sectors providing turnarounds, restructuring   and business improvements
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